Welcome to our Studio, a place where we let our most creative part fly and meet artists who share our way of seeing life.

A collection of three ceramic jewelry boxes handcrafted by Carlos in his workshop in Tinajo, Lanzarote.

At CREU we believe that it is very important to enjoy every day. Turn our routine into a ritual, appreciating every moment of the day. Because every day is yours. Change it, incorporate new habits, share it...

Two Tote Bags, a toiletry bag and three stickers to remind us every day that we are all GROOVY.

Feeling happy, full and connected, wanting to take on the world, invincible, strong and powerful. When you are in balance with yourself, you allow yourself to be 100% who you are, your energy is powerful, and you attract what you need into your life.


We have changed "Love no longer takes" for "Love fills us with beautiful fears. We live in fear of falling in love, of feeling too much, of sharing illusions, of being...

Commitment sounds much more serious, the word “relationship” is scary and “I love you” can drive you away.

With this campaign we want you to embrace your fears and let yourself go. Flow, get away from pride and cultivate that hidden love.

Think without fear, where commitment is exciting, the word "relationship" speaks of connections and that "I love you" brings you even closer.

1. Smile in the mirror every morning 2. Take time for yourself 3. Move your body 4. Don't compare yourself to others 5. Make a list every morning 6. Keep your body hydrated 7. Disconnect to reconnect 8. Listen to your favorite song 9. Create something for yourself 10. Reward your little daily achievements.

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